What is EJBCA?

EJBCA is an advanced enterprise class open source PKI-implementation (it's a CA!) written in a Java/J2EE environment. The focus for the EJBCA project is to create a flexible, platform independent and scalable CA, VA and RA solution, fulfilling various requirements a large enterprise could have, concerning not only security aspects but also connectivity, administrative delegation and event logging. For current information about the EJBCA project, see http://www.ejbca.org/

EJBCA is today one of the most widely deployed PKI software in the world. It is used in mission critical production environments by governments, corporations and individuals all around the world. There are EJBCA users on all inhabited continents, and EJBCA is one of the most flexible, performant and scalable PKIs you can find.

Commercially backed and Supported

EJBCA is commercially backed by PrimeKey, who provides turn-key solutions for EJBCA Enterprise, including services and support subscriptions directly from the authors of the software.

For EJBCA Community support, visit the support resources at EJBCA.org.

The EJBCA wiki

This documentation site works in addition to the documentation on the main EJBCA site over at Sourceforge, http://www.ejbca.org/. The main, and most updated documentstion, is the work on EJBCA.org. This wiki is a complement, and some parts may be outdated, although most things are decently current.

Contributions to this public documentation site is encouraged. All contributions count, suggestions, texts, images, anything you can imagine that would make the life of EJBCA users easier.

If you don't want to edit yourself you can send contributions to ejbca(at)primekey.se or subscribe to the EJBCA developers mailinglist or the discussion forums.


You can find a lot of interesting information in the EJBCA blog.

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